About Nakoa

Aloha, Nakoa here! Oahu based photographer that has an overwhelming passion to capture life as it is, in the moment. 

I am 32 years young! A wife, a mother, and a creative nerd! Just recently left the beautiful Island of Oahu where this whole amazing journey started! Currently living back in Washington State with my family! Super excited to capture all the magic here! 


I realized photography was my calling when I had lost my father in 2006. All I had left of him we’re photographs. When I would look at those pictures, it helped me remember those special days, what we were doing, eating, how I felt in the moment... even something I wouldn’t have remembered if not for that photo. I can’t be more appreciative, more thankful for those pictures.  I want to be able to give other families those captured moments that can remind them of fond memories, personalities, places they have been, or even people who left too soon, keeping their memories alive. 

Photo credit: Jtangproductions, Leslie Carbajal Photography, Alycia Crow Photography, Jessica Francis Photography


I was born on a tiny island called Saipan. (Close to Guam)

I've lived in Colorado for 10 years

Washington for 3 years!


I was once bit by a monkey when I was about 9 years old! 

(You can ask me that story during our session!)


I love COFFEE. 

I use to hate it till I was about 19 and worked for McDonalds, I had made my own contraption of a drink and ever since then I realized my love for coffee. 

(Best believe I drown it in cream and sugar)


I can touch my nose with my tongue. Talented, right?

(did you just try to do it to see if you could?) 

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